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JEM is a Paris-based jewelry and watch store that aims to be both sustainable and ethical; ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacturing of clothing which maximizes the benefits to people and communities. The name, JEM, is short for “Jewelry Ethically Minded.” It focuses on ethically-sourced materials and hand-crafted labour while minimizing the impact on the environment. On the store’s website, it is said that “We strive to bring about a sustainable way of making jewelry, both conscious and enlightened. We wish to create jewels in a spirit of good will, according to our mission and idea of ethical progress. We aspire to shine a new light on the world of jewelry without depriving it of its essential poetry and grace.” JEM is simple and elegant, designed by architect and interior designer India Madhavi. With inspirations ranging from industrial sheet metal to Masai warrior costume, it creates a sophisticated interplay between what is architectural and…

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